Did you know that Dinosaur Planet was originally meant to be a racing game that was the sequel to Rare's Diddy Kong Racing?

Researches have discovered that in the extremely early moments of development Dinosaur Planet was meant to be the sequel to Diddy Kong Racing, having much more racing stages and characters that have appeared in the sequel. That however was changed and characters from Diddy Kong Racing were switched to completely new ones.


Timber the Tiger

In some files Sabre's actions were described in, his name was replaced with "Timber". That means that Timber was originally meant to be the star of the game. Fans speculate that Krystal would've originally been Pipsy from the same series.


Tricky the Triceratops

According to the Rareware scribes, Tricky was originally intended to be the same character as Tricky the Triceratops, a boss from the game. However, the two characters are generally considered to be separate. Besides that, Tricky from Diddy Kong Racing was, of course, a triceratops, whereas Tricky from Dinosaur Planet lacks the trio of facial horns to categorize him as such (because his father and mother both seem to be based off of Centrosaurus [A cerotopsian with one "nose" horn rather than the trio of facial horns] thus Tricky is also probably more Centrosaurus then Triceratops).