Transparent Krystal
Nicknames/Aliases Unknown
Gender Female
Species Vixon
Age 16
Height/Weight 5' 5"/?
Interests Unknown
Home Animus
Family Biological Parents (deceased)
Randorn (adoptive father)
Sabre (half brother)
Friends/Allies Princess Kyte
Enemies/Rivals General Scales
Appearances Dinosaur Planet (Series)
Voiced By Erin S.

Krystal is one of the main protagonists in Dinosaur Planet.



Cool and collected, much like the student of a great wizard should be. She has a strong desire to protect those in need, and though very skilled in both combat and magic, she is still learning. Due to living in Randorn's care for most of her life, she sometimes finds it difficult to be on her own, though she doesn't admit it. Krystal is the type who keeps personal problems to herself and instead focuses on helping others.


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