Princess Kyte
Dinosaur planet princess kyte concept art
Nicknames/Aliases Unknown
Gender Female
Species Cloudrunner
Age 11
Height/Weight Approx. 2ft
Interests Golden Plains thermals and fireflies
Home Cloudrunner Fortress
Family Queen Kalani (deceased)

•Unnamed Father (deceased) •Unnamed Siblings

Friends/Allies Krystal
Enemies/Rivals General Scales
Appearances Dinosaur Planet (series)
Voiced By WingedTank

Kyte is the princess (later queen) of the Cloudrunner tribe.



A child forced to grow up after tragedy took her mother from her. Having the responsibility of ruling a kingdom suddenly thrust upon you is enough to make anyone fall apart, and it's no different for Kyte. Not only does she blame herself for her mother's death, but she has to keep the image of a good queen and mustn't let anyone see her break. She wants to live up to her mother's legacy and relies on Krystal's support to keep her calm under pressure.


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