The Queen EarthWalker is the mother of Prince Tricky, and the ruler of the EarthWalker Tribe, along with her husband, the King EarthWalker. She is a different color than other EarthWalkers, as she is puple with red stripes. She also has red gems on the frill around her neck. She lives in the SwapStone Hollow, and gives you hints and tips sometimes, if you talk to her. Though sometimes all she says is "Take care of my son."

The Queen EarthWalker in need.

She is one of the first dinosaurs you will meet, and begs Sabre to go save her son when he was kidnapped by SharpClaws. When Sabre returns to the Hollow with Prince Tricky, she is sick and injured after a SharpClaw attack.

The Queen EarthWalker.

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