Richard Haigh (aka. PenMark) is the landscape artist for the Dinosaur Planet fanseries. He is also an assisting-artist with the concept art and animation detailing.

Early Years Edit

Born and raised in the southern U.S., Richard's interest in the arts developed from a very young age, leading to many advanced art classes throughout grade-school, and specialized classes in college.

Though after he completed his Associate's Degree in Fine Arts in 2013, he suffered a major health crisis the following year, and spent all of 2014 in recovery.

Career Edit

Initially inspired by the bonus features of movies while growing up, his interest in Animation and Illustration has led him to becoming an active Freelance artist in both Traditional and Digital media, as well learning basic animation on the side.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a particular appreciation for anthropomorphic-animal artwork and content, which peaked his interest for joining the Dinosaur Planet project.
  • He was also in Acapella choir all through college.
  • He is an active lucid-dreamer.
  • He was the vocalist in a death-metal band
  • He is gluten-intolerant.