Warlock MountainEdit

Warlock Mountain is the mountain that General Scale's Galleon stops at after Krystal takes over, and is also the location Randorn has made his home at during his time on Dinosaur Planet. Krystal reunites with Randorn shortly after arriving. During their time there, Randorn gives Krystal the spell page Projectile, which allows Krystal to use the spell. Randorn then explains to Krystal how spell pages work and how General Scales tore most of the spell pages out of his book. When attempts to leave Warlock Mountain, General Scales has already made a full recovery and has taken back his Galleon. As he leaves, two Sharpclaws are left behind to destroy Krystal. She manages to defeat them and leave Warlock Mountain through a nearby warp.


  • Warlock Mountain is the second place visited in the game Dinosaur Planet.
  • Randorn makes Warlock Mountain his home during the events of Dinosaur Planet.
  • In Dinosaur Planet, Warlock Mountain is a separate place from Krazoa Palace.
  • In Starfox Adventures, sections of Warlock Mountain were changed into Krystal's side of Krazoa Palace.